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RUNAWAY VR |虚拟现实经验 (2020)

From night markets in Taiwan to rural farmlands in Yunnan, back alleys in Shanghai to studios and backstages in Beijing, Runaway VR takes viewers on a glitched-out trip through China’s underground music scene. The video takes a bootleg Ready Player One filter, complete with blue screen error crashes and fourth wall breaks. Featuring cameos from established and emerging Chinese generation Z artists, the video profiles the artist’s journey through a state-department funded music diplomacy program in 2018 and solo independent tour in 2019.


Featured on Okayplayer's #MixtapeMondays series, Microphone Misdemeanor is Jam No Peanut's debut EP that blends augmented reality and virtual reality applications, trap music, radical politics, and chinese rap.


This is the first EP from the Fulbright Scholar turned artist and activist, whose work includes Ahmed Mohamed, an augmented reality experience and music video that tells the story of a 14 year old muslim student arrested for bringing a clock to school, and Hands Up,  a virtual reality music video that puts you at the frontlines of protest against Trump.  Tune into this eight track EP from Jam No Peanut, as he switches from english to mandarin over hard-hitting beats produced by Keeys and ClockWorkDJ. 


Misadventures of MC Tingbudong (2018-)​



The Misadventures of MC Tingbudong (2018) is an 8-part mandarin-language webseries  that chronicles the Found Sound China Residency program, and explores the current Chinese hip hop, electronic and trap music scene.  This IGTV webseries series follows the Found Sound China artists in residence, a genre-bending collective from the US and China, composed of Chunyang Yao, Sususu, Kayla Briet, Travon "Eu-iv" Henry, Eddie Lu, Jeremy Thal, Cha Cha and yours truly, MC Tingbudong. 





The Misadventures of Emcee Tingbudong is a multimedia ethnography; a collection of photography, film, and sociological anecdotes, and the result of a 2008 Fulbright Scholarship to study Beijing’s hip hop community. Drawing methodological influences ranging from KRS-One to sociologist Elijah Anderson, the project is built on living and participating with practitioners of hip hop culture in Beijing who demonstrate its four pillars of cultural expression: emceeing, break dancing, DJing, and graffiti.

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