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The Misadventures of MC Tingbudong (2018) is an 8-part mandarin-language webseries  that chronicles the Found Sound China Residency program, and explores the current Chinese hip hop, electronic and trap music scene.  Lots has changed in China since I was a Fulbright scholar studying hip hop a decade ago back in 2008 and first earned the name MC Tingbudong - from social media and WeChat, to Rap of China, trap music and my own development as an artist.  This series follows the Found Sound China artists in residence, a genre-bending collective from the US and China, composed of Chunyang Yao, Sususu, Kayla Briet, Travon "Eu-iv" Henry, Eddie Lu, Jeremy Thal, Cha Cha and yours truly, MC Tingbudong. 


The series also features cameos from established and emerging legends in the from the Chinese hip hop/ electronic music scene: an epic jam session at Floso featuring Fishdoll,  an exclusive DJ set from Nasty Ray, wild nights in Shanghai with Jahway of Purple Soul, freestyle sessions with DJ Wordy, Eddie Beatz, and rising star Bohan Phoenix.  Join MC Tingbudong and the Found Sound crew as we take on musical challenges and explore the shifting soundscape of modern China from Lijiang to Beijing, in a webseries that combines the form of music documentary, social media, and experimental video - now on IGTV!

Plus, listen to the Misadventures of MC Tingbudong Season One: Found Sound China + Friends playlist!  Before the release of the Found Sound China mixtape in March 2019, enjoy a collection of tracks from of the Found Sound China artists in residence and special guests who made appearances in the series.  Now on Soundcloud! 

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