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When I See This Movement, I See Hope”  i_D Magazine (2020)

Whats It Like To Be Black In China? South China Morning Post (2020) 

Chinese Rappers Are Chasing Clout Through Hip Hop Culture, So Why Won’t They Do More for Black Lives Matter?  Variety Magazine (2020) 

MC Tingbudong on his emergence in China's hip hop scene Chinosity (2020) 

Jamel Mims (MC Tingbudong (MC听不懂) and Bohan Phoenix on the State of Chinese rap US-China Today (2020)

Who’s Leading the George Floyd Protests in NYC?  New York Times (2020) 

Young Activists at Forefront of New York City Protests CBS News (2020) 

Black Lives Matter protests can drive Trump and Pence out of power — If we demand it Alternet (2020) 

MC Tingbudong Wants Chinese Hip Hop To Find Its Place In The World  Radii China (2019)

Bridging Cultures Through Hip Hop, Artists Use English and Mandarin  KCRW (2019) 

Gen Z Rapper Lows0n: “I Started Learning Music in the Womb”  Radii China (2019)

Noise Pollution: Glow Curve, MC Tingbudong, Pupils of Satan, Anuhea, SNSOS, The Spice Cabinet The Beijinger (2019) 

"Mixtape Monday Feature: Microphone Misdemeanor" Okayplayer (2018)

"坐上 MC 听不懂的手扶拖拉机,在云南的林间国道边燥 “起来”"- Noisey China (2018)

B-sides China Podcast: Found Sound China Radii China (2018)

Rappers VR Music Video Gives You The Experience of A Live Protest Vice Impact (2017)

"Captures from the US: Digital Protests in NYC" Screenshot Magazine (2017) 

How Hip hop is Introducing Children to Coding and Technology The Economist (2016)

James Miles and Jamel Mims - Fresh Ed The Pie News (2016) 

"Engagement Was The Name of the Game at The October New York Tech Meetup" Alleywatch (2016) 

The Story of Ahmed Mohamed Told Via Trap Music & Magic-Realism Colorlines (2015)

We Need To Talk: Jamel Mims -  Protest Poet Collectively (2014)

Talking With Jamel Mims The Nation (2013)

Resistance to NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Comes to D.C. as Lawmakers, Groups Urge Justice Dept. Probe

Democracy Now (2012) 

On Facing A Year In Prison for Protesting Stop and Frisk, Huffington Post (2012) 

With Fresh Prep, Mixing Test Material With Hip Hop, New York Times (2011) 

The Misadventures of MC Tingbudong Complex (2010)


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